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The Town Hall of Alfoz belongs to the province of Lugo, being located in the Region of the Mariña Central.
It limits to the north with the municipalities of Foz and O Valadouro, to the south with Abadín, to the east with Mondoñedo and to the west with Abadín and O Valadouro.
The emblem of the municipality, declared of Cultural Interest (BIC) is the Castle of Castrodouro; However the equity value of Alfoz goes much further. The situation of the municipality between the sea and the mountain make the beauty of its landscape and its nature something incomparable. In addition, the municipality is crossed by the Rio Ouro, which further enriches the variety of flora and fauna throughout the territory.
Thus the natural spaces are of great importance, to highlight the succession of waterfalls with a height of 70 meters in Fervenza do Escouridal or the Rio Ouro itself along its 30 km of route (between Valadouro, Alfoz and Foz) , Declared a Place of Community Importance (LIC) within the Natura 2000 Network.
It also preserves important megalithic monuments such as the Pena Abaladoira and remains of the Castroite culture scattered by various parishes.
Among the 9 parishes that form the town hall are numerous Churches, Pazos and Cruceiros that make rich and varied the artistic and cultural heritage of Alfoz.
The Ruta da Pena Abaladoira, Ruta dos Castelos and Ruta do Rio Ouro are a way to get closer to the most important elements of the extensive and rich artistic and cultural heritage and to the beauty of the landscape and nature of Alfoz Town Hall.

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-market medieval : terceira semana de xullo.

-Fiesta DE SAN CRISTOBAL (San Pedro de Mor) : Primeiro fin de semana de agosto.

-Fiesta “de malla” (Finca Galea) : 15 de agosto

-Fiesta SAN SEBASTIAN DE Carballido : 20 de xaneiro.

(Calos Party) SAN VICENTE -Fiesta Lagoa : 22 de Xaneiro.

-Fiesta de San Antonio en Bacoi E Carballido : 13 de xuño.

-Fiesta SAN PEDRO DE MOR : 29 de xuño.

-Fiesta DE NOSA SEÑORA DE CARMEN IN MOR E AS escoitar : 16 de xullo

-Fiesta Santiago Apostol Lagoa : 25 de xullo.

-Fiesta de San Antonio en Adelan : Primeiro domingo despois 25 de xullo.

-Fiesta SAN SALVADOR DE CASTRO en Ouro : 6 agosto.

-Fiesta San Caetano REIRADO : 7 de agosto.

-Fiesta de Santa María en Bacoi, O Pereiro Y REIRADO : 15 agosto

-Fiesta de San Roque en Carballido : 16 de agosto

Memorial de San Mamede AS escoitar : 17 Ago.

-Fiesta de San Ramón en Adelan : 31 de agosto.

-dia Mariscal de CASTRO DE OURO : finais de agosto.

-Fiesta Nosa Señora O Pereiro : 8 de setembro.

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